Aspects in the Dresdenverse are the key phrases which sum up who a character is; player, NPC and monster alike. They are short “punch-lines” which generally describe, in a pinch, where a character comes from, what their motives are, where these motives come from and their general psychological make-up.

Aspects can be compelled or invoked to either earn or spend Fate Points to influence the narrative and apply positive/negative modifiers.

For example, James the Wiseass may have the aspect: Pretentious Wiseass. This aspect generally means James would have a problem keeping his mouth shut and acknowledging obvious social limitations when dealing with anything and any situation possible in the material universe where his consciousness can exist.

Let’s say James is confronted with an easily agitated Red Court Vampire who has decided to speak to him to see if he’d be of any use before feasting upon his supple flesh. If James was to spend a Fate Point, he may be able to resist the urge to cash-in on the tantalisingly perfect opportunity to whisper “That’s what she said” to the captive next to him. If on the other hand James wished to compel his Aspect: Pretentious Wiseass, the Game Master may reward him with a fate point for allowing his character to dutifully inform the Vampire of how effectively their mother performs in bed. The consequence of which would more than likely complicate James’ situation a great deal more.

Locations and Environment
p. Like characters, places can be tagged with Aspects which describe the unique properties of any particular location. For example, a bridge might have the aspect Old and Rickety, a large shopping mall might have Extremely Busy and a dark alleyway might have, well, Dark. You catch my drift.

Everything Else
Everything in existence technically has aspects. Weapons, Items, Rocks, Bananas, everything. Bananas, for example, are Yellow. A .357 magnum could be considered High Calibre or perhaps it’s your Trusty Revolver. Get creative, personalise your stuff- and flesh out the world.


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